Many cats are surrendered to animal shelters because of solveable behavior problems or unrealistic expectations.

Research shows that most pets are surrendered to animal shelters because of common behavior problems their families didn't know how to solve. However, behavior challenges don't have to end this way. Most behavior problems can be addressed with three things: knowledge, patience and a plan.

Below are tip sheets provided by the HSUS and the ASPCA that address the most common behavior issues and training techniques. If you still need help, ask your veterinarian and check out the links to the left to find personalized help.

Behavior Tip Sheets

Aggression Between Cats
Aggression Towards People
Destructive Scratching
Urine-Marking Behavior
Fearful Cats
Litter Box Problems
Playing with Plants
Nighttime Activity
Rough Play

Training Tip Sheets

Bringing Outdoor Cats Inside
Kitten Basics

General Solutions
Litter Box Solutions
Positive Reinforcement
Solving Boredom
Toys (you need them!)