During this cold snap we are experiencing, a dog with no shelter "at all" can easily freeze to death. Moreover, blue barrels and decrepit shelters are not sufficient to keep your pet warm with all the snow we've had last night. It is so very important to make sure that your pet has a warm safe place to ride out the weather. Not to mention that there are some pretty serious consequences for not complying with 3.2-6570(A)(ii), Cruelty to Animals. Animal Control Officers are checking throughout Suffolk to ensure that all animals are being provided necessary care during the cold weather. Keep in mind that they have the right to seize your pet for non-compliance. If you can't provide your furry friend with an acceptable shelter, they may offer to take temporary custody of the pet for a small fee until the weather improves.

Don't let your furry friend freeze in the cold, bring them in!!

Suffolk Humane Society