Pet Care During Winters

Many pet owners believe that because their furry friends have fur, it automatically keeps them warm. But as soon as the temperatures start to drop and there’s snow and ice, pet owners need to ensure that they are still watching out and keeping them safe during those cold winter months.

Pet Adoption During Covid Times

Adopting a pet is no easy task and involves a lot of knowledge as well as preparation. The COVID-19 pandemic saw an abrupt increase, and then sadly, a decrease in pets being adopted. Pets need forever homes, and unfortunately due to the pandemic slowing, people who adopted pets from shelters have started returning them.

Unchain Your Dog

When dogs are kept continuously chained, they become neurotic, unhappy, anxious, and often aggressive. In addition, chaining is a threat to the safety of the dog, other animals, and humans - particularly children. Furthermore, chaining a dog continuously is inhumane.

Unique Treasures at Paws for the Arts

Unique Treasures at 2016 Paws for the Arts: Cancer Survivor’s Hobby Turns Children’s Toys to 3-D Art. Suffolk, VA -January 16, 2016 - Wonderful treasures will abound at the third annual Paws for the Arts, hosted by the Suffolk Humane Society and Hilton Garden Inn Riverfront on Saturday, February 7 2016 from 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm at the Hilton Garden Inn Suffolk Riverfront, 100 E. Constance Rd, Suffolk. Tickets are on sale now for $50 and can be purchased at Mike Duman Auto Sales, 2300 Godwin Blvd, Suffolk, and at the Suffolk Humane Society office, 4300 Nansemond Parkway, Suffolk and online at This semi-formal event will feature heavy hors d’oeurves, wine and cash bars, a silent auction, a live auction, and musical entertainment by local artists. One of the unique items available this year is a lovingly restored, handcrafted three-dimensional art piece that formerly enjoyed life as a child’s toy horse barn.

Kind News

The Suffolk Humane Society Humane Education Department currently provides KIND News subscriptions to three Suffolk Schools. We are providing subscriptions to Kind News to the librarians at Kilby Shores, Creekside and Robertson Elementary schools. Published by the youth education division of The Humane Society of the United States, KIND News teaches K-6 children kindness and respect for animals. Focusing on a child's connection to animals and nature, the four-page newspaper inspires a love of reading through informative articles, colorful puzzles, and fun activities.